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Madhumita Bhattacharya


Meditating Buddha is the main theme of Madhumita’s work. She try to capture the moment when ‘The Buddha attains his Enlightenment, when he becomes one with the Divine and becomes the Realized Soul…This Realization she was symbolically shown in the form of light of the Divine Truth in his forehead…she draw free hand and her work is purely Imaginative. Each painting which she creates, she draws the inspiration from within and motivation from her dreams and thoughts…! She first visualizes each painting before its creation, the actual creation takes place in her mind & then she makes it a reality on canvas. She has a distinct style of her own. She has learnt Art through constant devotion and practice. She feel Art is the best medium to discover inner self…Madhumittas’s life just revolves around Art and through Art she has found the true meaning of her existence. She has dedicated her whole life for art and can’t see anything beyond.

Solo Show “Feelings of Serenity…”at Nehru Centre (Circular Gallery), Mumbai 2010
Solo Show “Dual Expressions “at DD Neroy Gallery, Mumbai 2010
Solo Show at Gallery PRADARSHAK, Mumbai 2010
Solo Show (individual booth) at INDIA Art Festival, Mumbai 2013, 2015
Solo Show “Feelings of Serenity…!” at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai 2015
Solo Show “SERENITY” at Nehru Centre AC Gallery, Mumbai 2017
SoloShow( Sponsored) ‘Feelings of Serenity’ at Sofitel Art Gallery ,Mumbai 2018
Solo Show ( Sponsored)‘Expressions’at Sofitel Art Gallery, Mumbai 2018
‘The Divine’ at D.D Neroy Art Gallery, Mumbai 2008.
‘DIVINITY’ (Sponsored) at AYYA Art Gallery, Chennai 2013
Global Art Fair, The Oberoi, Dubai 2015, 2016
Sofitel Art Gallery,Mumbai 2017
Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2005, 2008 Sponsored Group show.
Eye on Art Gallery, Kolkata 2008 (sponsored)
Art Desh Gallery, Mumbai’s Group Show ‘Buddham Sharanam . . .’ 2008 (sponsored)
Four-women Group Show ‘Myriad Expressions’ at Sejal Encasa Art Gallerie, Mumbai 2008-09.
Rudraksh Art Gallery, Pune 2009(sponsored)
"Art Redefined" Sponsored Show curated by Artland Gallery at Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales
Museum, Mumbai 2009.
Ray Art Gallery, Pune 2009 (sponsored)
” Colour Palette” at Art Entrance, Mumbai 2010
Group Show sponsored by Artmart India, Thane 2010
Artists Centre, Mumbai 2010

Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2010
“DEVOTION” Group Show at India Habitat Centre ,New Delhi 2010
“PERFECT 10” Group Show at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi,2011
“M Cube” Sponsored Group Show of Three Artists at Bajaj Art gallery, Mumbai 2012
“Together” Group Show organized by ARTINFO at Jawahar Kala Bhawan, Jaipur 2012
Annual Group Show(sponsored) organized by Artists’Centre, Mumbai 2010,2011,2012,2014
“MONSOON Bajaj2010’’ Annual Group Show (sponsored) organized by Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai 2010,2011
“ARTISTS OF TOMMOROW” 18 th Group Show (sponsored) organized by INDIAN OIL CORP,Mumbai,2010
Group Show (sponsored) organized by WOMEN ART FOUNDATION for charity at Coomarswamy Hall, Fort,
Mumbai 2011,2012
“STREE 2011” (sponsored) Group Show at Art Mall, New Delhi 2011
“ART for LIVING’’ (Sponsored)Group Show organized by Airaawat Art Gallery for Cancer Aid at
Coomarswamy Hall ,Mumbai 2011
Group Show (sponsored) for Charity organised by AIRAAWAT Art Gallery.at P.L Deshpande Hall, Ravindra
Natya Mandir , Mumbai 2011.
“MIRAGE” sponsored Show organized by MRIGNA at Alliance de Francaise Gallery , New Delhi ,2011
Ten Artrist Spopnsored Group Show organized by BAJAJ Art Gallery, Mumbai 2011
Art Fair at Nehru Centre through Laavanya Art Gallery, Mumbai 2011
Auction Art Show (Sponsored) organized by MRIGNA at Alliance de Francaise Galerie, Delhi 2012
‘Four Corners” (Sponsored)Group show organised by Uber Art Gallery at Percept Art Gallery .Mumbai 2012
‘Gift of Solitude’ Group show(sponsored) organised by MRIGNA at India Habitat Centre, Delhi 2012
‘DIVINITY’ a Sponsored Group show on Buddha works at AKS art Gallery .Mumbai 2012
Affordable Art Fair (Sponsored) at Artic Vision Art Gallery, Mumbai 2012
Group Show( sponsored) organized by EVENTROVE at Gallery GOLD, Kolkata 2012
Innaugural Group Show of J.S Art Gallery, Mumbai 2012(sponsored)
Group Show(sponsored) organised by ART FIESTA at Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai U.A.E 2012
‘-33.33%’Group show organized by Artic Vision Art Gallery, Mumbai 2012
Participated in INDIA Art Fair through J.S art Gallery, Mumbai 2012
Group show(sponsored) organized by Art Fiesta in Volgia, Jumeirah .Dubai 2012
Chennai Art Fest 2012 Sponsored Show organised by ARTPROMO at AYYA Art Gallery ,Chennai 2012
‘BrushStrokes’ sponsored Show organized by Colorentice.com at Lalit Kala Bhawan, Bhuwaneshwar, Orissa
“AROMA 2013” Group show organized by Corporate Art India at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai 2013
Participated in URBAN Art Fair through J.S art Gallery at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, 2013
‘Brush Strokes” Sponsored Group show by colorentice.com at Raj Bawan, Goa 2013
“VAKRATUNDA” sponsored Ganapathy Show by J.S Art Gallery, Mumbai 2013
‘’BrushStrokes”sponsored Group Show Organised by Colourentice.com in Deptt of Culture and Archeology
Raipur ,Jharkhand 2013
JSAF Tribute Show of 85 Women Artists at HUTHEESING VISUAL ART CENTRE, Ahemedabaad 2013
Show sponsored by 3BlindMice Gallery with Edelwise Group in Alibaug 2014
COLOURS 2014 sponsored by ARTLAND Gallery at Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai 2014
INDEX’14 by Studio Artitude at BKC Mumbai 2014

SHUBH LABH Sponsored Group show by 50 Artists on ocaasion of DIWALI at GALLEIA M , Kolkata 2014
COLOURS Sponsored Group show at Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai 2015
‘KEVERI’ Inauguration show(Sponsored) of JS Art Gallery, Mumbai 2015
PARA Sponsored show by Cobalt Arts at Jehangir Art Gallery Auditorium Mumbai 2015
Group Show (Sponsored) by Cross Border Art Gallery in Art Fair in Dubai Mall, Dubai 2015
ANGTARANG (sponsored) by Cobalt Arts at Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi 2015
AUTUMN COLORS (Sponsored) by Artland Gallery in Jehangir Art Gallery (Auditorium), Mumbai 2015
DOT & STROKE (Sponsored) by Artisan Kolkata at ArtGate Gallery, Mumbai 2015
NEW ART Trends 2016 (Sponsored) by ARTFIESTA at DIFC DUBAI, 2016
Preview of GLOBAL Art Fair by ARTLAND Gallery at Coomarswamy Hall, Mumbai 2016
SEED Group Show (Sponsored) organized by ARTISAN for Charity at Birla Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata
Group Show (Sponsored) by Cross Border Art Gallery Dubai at WORLD ART DUBAI, World Trade Centre,
Dubai 2016
Group Show (Sponsored) by Cross Border Art Gallery, INDEX 2016, World Trade Centre, Dubai 2016
SUMMER STROKES GroupShow organized by ARTISAN at AMDAVAD NI GUFA, Ahemdabad 2016
Group Show (Sponsored) by Cross Border Art Gallery, World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre, Dubai 2017
Monsoon COLORS Group show by ARTLAND Gallery at Coomarswamy Hall ,Mumbai 2017
Ganesha Show at CO3 Gallery ,Mumbai 2017
Group Show at Reves Art Gallery ,Bangalore 2017
Gallery Inauguration Show by ART LOUNGE Gallery ,Gurgaon 2017
‘Colours of Expression’ (Sponsored)Group show by ManasKala Arts at ArtGate Gallery,Mumbai 2018
KALA SANGAM Group Show organized by ROTARY CLUB , P.L Deshpande Hall, Mumbai 2018
Sponsored Group show for Fund Raising by KHUSHII Foundation , New Delhi 2018

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