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Suresh Gosavi


Suresh Gosavi is the most sensitive and creative artist who spent his childhood in a small village. The magic mantra of his self-ecstasy and innovative paintings is his obsession of novelty and deep study of art. To find out very minute emotional inner side of human mind is too difficult. The sensitive artist always try to exhibit the things in his art inspired from seen unseen outcome of good or bad moments which happened or experienced his life. Subject got the accompany of innovative thought and bring forth the amazing series of pictures… Devotion and strength. Human does not get peace of mind after getting lots of amenities in life. Not everyone able to live the art of life. Mental stability is much important to thoughts through the tradition of our Indian cultural. Faith has precious place in our life. Faith gets the company of Devotion, Knowledge, Thoughts and….  The one who achieve mind’s peace who en grossly worship the strength of nature’s auspicious, holy, magnificent, eternal seen-unseen things. He feels eternal strength; that new strength inspires him to live the life which gives him superb experience of happiness. And we get same experience when we see Suresh Gosavi’s paintings. His paintings have immeasurable distinctive features like simplicity of subject, prominent arrangement, emblematical use of symbols in Indian culture and tradition, fine and suggestive colour combination, textures, calmness, concentration  and innocence of characters in paintings which activate same mood in view’s mind it get experience the introvert thought.

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