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The project work is where artworks are installed in residential & commercial skyscrapers, malls, gardens etc in a bulk quantity, where we work on themes, materials, design and execution of artworks. We believe that art can be used to reinforce values and even bring people together. Art is more than just self-expression and self-communication; it allows us to escape into the refuge of our fantasy, to leave behind the stress of the modern day world. It possesses inexplicable, almost sublime qualities, that feeling of being able to create something beautiful to share with others—it enhances our imagination, with which we can do anything: we can escape the human world and experience that which is impossible for us to actually experience.

Cobalt Arts has expert team for project works which includes artworks like Paintings, Suclptures, Murals, installations and Restorations. These can be done at Traffic Islands, Indoor or outdoor of high end residential or commercial projects, Gardens, Open spaces etc.